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Welcome to our website.

Fine Watches of China is a website dedicated exclusively to the promotion, marketing and sale of high-quality Chinese watches and timepieces.

Fine Watches of China is the preeminent website for high quality watches from mainland China, outside of China itself.

Fine Watches of China is an Australian owned and operated business.  Fine Watches of China is the trading name of Frank Warren Imports Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 164 871 149).  We are located in Brisbane, Australia.

The brands presented on our website represent only the upper echelon of watch brands and manufacturers from mainland China.  They are the “best of the best” of Chinese timepiece manufacturers that are truly dedicated to the art of fine watchmaking and craftsmanship.  Their combined watchmaking experience is over 140 years.

Fine Watches of China is proud to have this elite group of watchmakers on our website.

If you are looking for a special timepiece or something a little unique, we encourage you to try a high-quality watch from our range.  We are confident you will be delighted with your purchase.

When you purchase a timepiece from our website, you are entering into a ‘new world’ of horology experience.  Purchasing a quality Chinese timepiece will be distinctive and certainly a good dinner party conversation starter.

We ship watches worldwide to clientele who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

We at Fine Watches of China are Chinese watch enthusiasts and we specialise in Chinese watches because it is our passion.  While most quality watchmakers from Europe, Japan, the US and other countries have well-recognised brands around the world, the top-tier Chinese watchmakers are generally not as well known, and we believe they should be.  We also believe the Chinese watch industry is on the cusp of a new renaissance period and over the next decade or so China will emerge as a new watchmaking powerhouse, well respected for their ingenuity and quality, not just their ability to churn out millions of cheap, low-grade watches and watch movements.

Built on nearly sixty years of watch manufacturing heritage and tradition, this small but elite group of watchmaking companies from mainland China have been quietly producing a range of high-quality, world class timepieces.  In addition to their high-end timepieces, this leading group of manufactures also produce a range of outstanding high-quality, mid-class watches.  These mid-class watches are superbly hand crafted using the same expertise and knowhow, and are available at affordable prices.  The timepieces for sale on this website have been carefully selected by us from within this range.

However, if you are interested in any of their higher-end models or have seen one of their timepieces elsewhere that is not listed on our website, please contact us and we will attempt to source the model from the manufacturer for you.  Many of their fine, high-end watch collections include tourbillons, minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, special series and limited edition timepieces.  These collections also include timepieces made from precious metals such as gold, they may be set with precious stones, or feature elaborately hand-painted ornamental enamel dials in the time-honoured Chinese style and methods.

Australian map showing 100% Australian Stock textAll watches showing as ‘in-stock’ are held in our warehouse here in Australia and ship from this location.

We carry only brand new, 100% authentic and genuine, high-quality timepieces sourced direct from manufacturers such as Sea-Gull, FIYTA and Beijing Watch Factory.

Fine Watches of China does not sell used, reconditioned or imitation watches.  There are no fakes, replicas, mushroom (myth) brands or low-grade Chinese watches.

All brands on this website are endorsed members of the China Horology (Watch) Association.

All watches come with a manufacturer’s international warranty, a watch box and operating instruction manual (in English).

We encourage you to explore the resources on this website for further information on the Chinese watch industry, the Brands and other watch industry related information.

We welcome any feedback and thank you for visiting our website.

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