Beijing Watch Factory

The Beijing Watch Factory Co. Ltd, founded in 1958, is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious watch companies.  Located in Changping, Beijing, with a staff of approximately 600, their offices and factories cover an area of some 100,000 square meters.  Beijing Watch has grown to produce more than one million mechanical movements a year.  Since 2004, the Beijing Watch Factory has been a private company.

The Beijing Watch Factory’s main production includes Beijing brand watches and mechanical movements.  Along with their series of mid-class watches, they carry a range of fine, high-end timepieces of exceptional technical sophistication and complexity.

Over the 50 years since their foundation, the Beijing Watch Factory has manufactured over 15 series of mechanical and quartz movements, with some 22 million timepieces and movements being produced.

BWaF enamel watchFig. 1 BWaF enamel watch

Beginning in 1958, Xie Jingxiu, the director of Xuanwu District Watch Factory, lead a small contingent of 21 staff at the Beijing Industry College to learn the art of watchmaking, while also overseeing the establishment and construction of the Beijing Watch Factory.  That same year, the first Type I mechanical watch, named the “Beijing”, was born.

In 1962, the Beijing Watch Factory started to develop the Type II watch.  The Beijing Watch Factory manufactured 150,000 Type II watches until 1967.

In 1967, the Beijing Watch Factory improved the Type II design, including a modified shockproof mechanism and faster frequency, to produce the Type V.  By 1973 over 1.68 million Type V watches were produced.

1973 saw the release of the 'United Movement', one of the most influential movements in Chinese watchmaking, was developed and produced by the Beijing Watch Factory.

BWaF watch rear viewFig 2. BWaF watch mechanical movement

In 1995, the Beijing Watch Factory’s master watchmakers began independently developing their own tourbillon watches.  In 2004, their first tourbillon watch entered production, being sold in limited edition rose gold.  The flying tourbillon carriage is made of titanium.  It was launched under the name ‘Hong Jin’, which means ‘red gold’.  It was the first Chinese tourbillon watch.

The TB02 double-tourbillon was introduced in 2006 to coincide with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The TB02 incorporated a differential mechanism to reconcile variations in the rate of its two escapements.  2006 also saw the production of the oriental tourbillon Platinum Diamond watch “Playing Dragon and the Phoenix”, which was subsequently displayed at the International Watch Fair in BaselWorld, Switzerland.  This timepiece was sold for Y1,000,000 Yuan, an unprecedented record for a Chinese watch at that time.

A succession of tourbillon models followed.  With the bi-tourbillon in 2007, a minute repeater tourbillon in 2008 (MRB1) , and in 2009 came the first double-axis stereoscopic tourbillon in China, the Tai Ji.

BWaF Wu Ji tourbillon mechanical watch movementFig 3. BWaF Wu Ji tourbillon mechanical watch movement

All of their tourbillons adopted the technology called ‘free balance spring’ thus assuring greater precision.

Their range of high-end class timepieces in the luxury watch market category now includes an impressive array of single, double-carrousel and dual-axis tourbillions, along with minute repeaters and other high complications.  Today, the Beijing Watch Factory has emerged as China's leading brand in high-end and luxury watches.

Beijing Watch Factories high-end movements include:

  • TB01-2 - flying carrousel tourbillon (2004)
  • TB02 - double carrousel-tourbillon with an exclusive differential mechanism (2006)
  • TB03 – tourbillon with eight-day power-reserve
  • TB04 - dual-axis orbital tourbillon
  • MRB1 - tourbillon with minute-repeater (2008)
  • B24 – a world-first double power wheel and escapement movement, offering power reserve over 100h. (Ru gamma watch) (2008)
  • Tai Ji – double-axis stereoscopic tourbillon (2009)
  • Wu Ji – triple-axis "3D" stereoscopic bi-tourbillon (2013)


BWaF Wu Ji tourbillon watchFig 4. BWaF Wu Ji tourbillon watch

Beijing Watch Factory’s master watchmakers have won numerous awards based on their profound knowledge and ability to design and produce highly intricate timepieces.  In the first ‘China Clock and Watch Master Award’, held by the Chinese Clock and Watch Guild in 2012, Xu Yaonan and Shi Wenli were awarded the title “China mechanical watch designing master”, and Su Wenbin was awarded the title of “China mechanical watch assembling master”.  These three master watchmakers from the Beijing Watch Factory have been responsible for a succession of industry leading designs.  The Beijing Watch Factory research and development team is continuously making ground-breaking progress under the stewardship of these leading master watchmakers.

Many of these exquisite, high-end timepieces can be seen exhibited at the international watch fair held annually in BaselWorld, Switzerland.

The Beijing Watch Company also produces a range of high-quality, mid-class timepieces to suit a clientele looking for an outstanding timepiece at more mid-market price points.  Beijing mid-class watches are characterized by their striking range of classic, executive, sports, fashion and casual styles.

All Beijing watches are produced entirely in-house with completely independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, making them one of the small, elite group of true watch ’manufacture’ brands in the world today.

Beijing brand watches come from a rich historical and cultural heritage with a strong tradition for innovation and exceptional technology and quality.

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