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FIYTA Holdings Ltd., based in Shenzhen in southern China, was found in 1987.  FIYTA has been a publicly-listed company since 1993.

FIYTA specialises in high-quality watch design, manufacturing and sales.  They have grown to become one of China's most successful domestic and international watch companies, with more than 1500 sales endpoints worldwide.

FIYTA’s collections include a range of high-quality, stylish and elegant timepieces in both mechanical (automatic) and quartz.

FIYTA is devoted to combining consummate craftsmanship and tradition with the latest horological technologies to produce ever-more sophisticated timepieces.

Since 2001, FIYTA has continuously participated in the world renowned international watch fair held annually in BaselWorld, Switzerland, introducing the brand to a growing international clientele.  In 2011, FIYTA became the first Chinese watch brand to exhibit its brand in Hall 1, the main international exhibition venue at BaselWorld.

Owing to its excellence in watch making skills and expertise, FIYTA has become a collaboration partner of China’s manned spaceflight program in 2003.  Not only has FIYTA become the exclusive timepiece provider for China’s astronauts during their ground training, Fitya watches have also accompanied the astronauts on various missions to outer space including China’s first spacewalk.  This has resulted in their now world renowned Aeronautics Collection of space watches.

FIYTA Aeronautics Collection poster
FIYTA Aeronautics Collection

In 2005, Fiyta's Aeronautics Collection Commemorative Edition became a part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of China.

Their independently developed tourbillon and space watch movements led to an innovative new wristwatch material, injecting creativity into wristwatch designs and technologies.

Fiyta became the official time-keeper for the tenth All-China Games on August 9, 2005, providing precision time-keeping services for the competition.

Fiyta was appointed the official timekeeper for the 6th Asian Winter Games in January 2007. The company provided precision time-keeping instruments for 10 major and 47 minor events throughout the Games.  FIYTA has also provided timing equipment for international sports competitions such as the Asian Winter Games and the Asian Sailing Championship. 

In 2009 and 2010, FIYTA accompanied the China Motorcycle Team with its Extreme special series collection to conquer the “world’s most difficult and most dangerous rally” the Dakar Rally.  FIYTA's Extreme Collection watches are purpose built for the rugged and punishing conditions of the Dakar Rally and are fast becoming popular with motor sports enthusiasts the world over.

FIYTA Extreme Collection poster
FIYTA Extreme Collection

One of the most iconic timepieces produced by FIYTA master watchmakers is the limited edition Republic 60th Birthday tourbillon watch which it created for the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.  Crafted in an 18-karat rose gold skeletonized case, it features a tourbillon cage, exquisitely-finished mother-of-pearl and diamonds, fish-scale motifs, and a 45-degree oak-bevel.  The watch is highly limited with only 60 units ever produced and has become a highly sort after collectable.  It is one of the most impressive Chinese timepieces ever produced.

In 2007, FIYTA independently developed and patented a reinforced Titanium material, named ATiC (Advanced Titanium Carbide), and employed it in manufacture of its watches.  In comparison to steel, ATiC has greater hardness and is a lighter weight.  It is also highly resistant to corrosion.  ATiC materials are a feature of FIYTA's superb Eternity Collection timepieces.

FIYTA’s industry leading achievements include:

  • The FIYTA designed tourbillon movement
  • Known for their use of advanced technologies such as the patent material ATiC (Advanced Titanium Carbide) – a light, scratch-proof and corrosion resistant material that is harder than normal steel or titanium
  • Known for their famous Aeronautics “Space” watches and Extreme Collection “Dakar Rally” watches
  • Active participant in the clock and watch technological committee of the International Organization for Standardization along with Switzerland, Germany and other countries.


FIYTA’s fine, high-end timepieces with tourbillon movements are included in their stunning Mastercraft Collection, which exhibit exemplary craftsmanship and high-end patented designs.  Other high-end timepieces from FIYTA include their Prosperity Collection, designed with inspiration from the Buddhism culture, and their Gold Watches Collections, made with 18-Karat gold.  Their E collection exhibits miniature cloisonné enamel, which has a long tradition in China.  These timepieces are hand-made with care by highly skilled artisans and every piece is unique.

FITYA also product a wide range of exceptional mid-class timepieces.

FIYTA mechanical movement

Other pioneering activities of FIYTA include the use of exotic case materials including tungsten, ceramics and titanium and their sports sponsorship of the 2000 Olympics Chinese gymnastics team.

In addition to concentrating on high technology materials, FIYTA are investing in traditional savoir-faire watches such as a new collection of enamelled watches.

The numerous international awards bestowed on FIYTA include awards for the "Extravehicular Space Watch Collector’s Edition” which received the Best Materials Design award under CIDF in 2009 and the Red Dot design award in 2010.  In 2007 FIYTA’s Houyi Divine Bow wristwatch received the 2nd China Innovative Designs Red Star award, and in 2008 FIYTA was honoured with three major CDIF awards.  The company’s ‘Flip’ wristwatch received the Gold Award, the 'Square Memory’ wristwatch received the Outstanding Award and the Creative Design Department received the Best Design Team award.

FIYTA Watch Repairs

In 2010, FIYTA acquired a majority stake in Montres Chouriet SA, a Geneva based manufacturer that is primarily focused on its Emile Chouriet brand.

FIYTA never ceases in exploring the extremes of timekeeping through its state-of-the-art technological developments.

FIYTA watches are exemplified by their superb craftsmanship, exemplary innovation and use of industry leading high-technology materials.

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