Sea-Gull Watches

Founded in 1955, the Tianjin Sea-Gull Watch Group Co. (Sea-Gull Watch Group) is China’s largest and oldest watchmaker, with over fifty five years of tradition and watchmaking manufacturing experience.  Initially known as the Tianjin Watch Factory, they are where the first “locally manufactured watch” was born.  Today, Sea-Gull is one of China’s largest and most well-known, admired and respected watchmakers.

The Group’s retail boutiques now appear in over 10 major cities across China.  Sea-Gull now employs more than 3,000 staff with a current annual production of automatic mechanical watch movements of approximately 5 million units.

Sea-Gull Watch Group is located in the southwest of Tianjin in northern China, with a land area of some 70,000 square meters.  It is neighbouring the beautiful Water Park and the world renowned Nankai and Tianjin Universities.  Sea-Gull has watch factories in Shanghai, Dalian, Yantai and Shijiazhuang.

Sea-Gull specialises in designing and producing a range of mid-class and high-end mechanical watches and movements.

First Sea-Gull watchmakers
Fig1. First Tianjin Watch Factory (Sea-Gull) watchmakers (1955)

Their early accomplishments include the development of the “Wu Xing” (1955), the first “locally manufactured” watch, the "First Chinese Aircraft Watch" (1961), deceloped for the Chinese Air Force, the “Dong Feng” (1966), the first watch designed and manufacture independently in China, the “Sea Gull” (1973), the first exported Chinese watch brand, as well as China’s first ladies watch complying with international standards (1975), were all successfully developed and manufactured in the Tianjin Factory.

First Chinese Watch 1955 Tianjin (Sea-Gull) Watch Factory
Fig2. First Chinese Watch - 1955 "Five Star Watch" Tianjin (Sea-Gull) Watch Factory

Dongfeng Watch 1966 Tianjin (Sea-Gull) Watch Factoryy
Fig3. Dongfeng Watch - 1966 Tianjin (Sea-Gull) Watch Factor

First Chinese Export Watch 1973 Sea-Gull
Fig4. First Chinese Export Watch - 1973 Sea-Gull

Through the Group’s focus on innovation, research and development it has been able to produce the first Chinese quarter repeater watch, the first Chinese co-axial and eccentric double-axis tourbillon watch along with the first Chinese perpetual calendar minute repeater watch.  These breakthroughs have helped solidify the Group’s pioneering and leading image thought the industry.

The Sea-Gull Watch Group prides itself in its core values of developing autonomous, intellectual property rights over its entire production.  As such, Sea-Gull has over the past half century established strong technological foundations, transforming itself into a major conglomerate.  It assumes in-house control of all aspects of its design and manufacture including research and development, production and assembly.  It has been producing its own automatic and mechanical movements for many years.

Sea-Gull is part of the small and elite contingent of true, vertically integrated watch “manufacture” brands in the world today.

To enhance its growth and development, the Sea-Gull Watch Group has established a national research and technology centre to oversee its ongoing technological developments.

Aiming at revolutionising the local industry with world standard technological advancements, Sea-Gull has overseen the development of proprietary intellectual rights in high-end mechanical watches, applying in particular to its range of tourbillon, quarter and minute repeaters, perpetual calendar and the split-second chronograph high-grade timepieces.  By the end of 2007, 156 technology patents were owned by Sea-Gull.

Sea-Gull’s extensive and commendable range of high-end mechanical timepiece movements includes:

  • ST2590 - perpetual calendar
  • ST80 - Blancpain-style flying caroussel-tourbillon.
  • ST8080 – double tourbillon, one caroussel and one common axis
  • ST8080-2 – double eccentric tourbillon
  • ST82 - common axis tourbillon
  • ST8320 – coaxial tourbillon
  • ST84 – common axis tourbillon, narrow movement suitable for women's watches
  • ST85 - multi-axis tourbillon
  • ST90 - quarter-repeater
  • ST91 - minute-repeater
  • ST9150 - minute repeater with perpetual calendar
  • ST9250 - minute repeater with tourbillon and perpetual calendar

Sea-Gull high-end complications are world renowned for their industry leading innovation and impeccable craftsmanship and sophistication.

Sea-Gull ST007G
Fig5. Sea-Gull ST8007G 18-K Rose Gold Tourbillon Watch with date, power-reserve, 24 hour & sun/moon display

In addition to their high-end models, Sea-Gull Watch Group produces a range of high-quality, mid-class timepieces to suit a clientele looking for an outstanding timepiece at more mid-market price points.

Sea-Gull Watch Group has always been in pursuit of sophisticated and elegant designs.  Over the past few decades the consistent production of high-quality, classical watches has always served as the primary edict.

More than 58 years of watchmaking experience has seen the Sea-Gull Watch Group and their master watchmakers achieve numerous milestones and awards in the Chinese watch industry.  With the aspiration of becoming a world renowned, number one Chinese brand, its vision remains that of building a range of world-class mechanical Chinese brand watches whilst continuously striving for unparalleled technological achievement.

Sea-Gull is also a regular exhibitor at the international watch fair BaselWorld, held each year in Switzerland.

Sea-Gull’s mid-class watches are exemplified by their impressive and unique collection of executive and classic watch styles that will appeal to those with a strong sense of style and sophistication.


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